Long Time Comin’…

13 05 2006

This is something I’ve wanted to start for quite some time, but I had other pressing things on my plate, like editing my memoir and work concerns. But, things have calmed down a bit, and I think now is the time.

I will begin with a not-so-brief introduction of who I am and what I am about.

Passion and Focus

I am a writer, artist and musician, and I have been working toward making it a living for over 20 years now.

I have written numerous songs, which I am slowly getting charted and recorded–it’s an expensive and time consuming process, and since the book writing has taken precedence over the years, not something I spend a great amount of time working at. I do keep my vocal chops refined with bi-weekly lessons, and I recently took up piano again with a wonderful lady named Natalie Ross (www.rosspianostudio.com).

The vocal lessons have done wonders to build my confidence, assisted me in regaining a part of myself that had been pretty much decimated, and it has served in strengthening my true voice. So whether or not my music and singing voice are ever heard by the world is irrelevant; the time and money spent has been worth it, and will only continue to serve my writing in whatever form.

My current writing project is a memoir, and I am searching for a literary agent.  Wish me luck!


I adore my friends, and they adore me. I have a varied and unique group of people with whom I surround myself. From bleeding-heart liberals, to right-wing Patriots, to pious and devout born-again Christians, to those who hold no religious affiliation whatsoever. You’ll probably be hearing about them in the midst of this blogging adventure.

And finally, the three people I adore the most are my sister June, my niece Gabi, and my boyfriend, Lynn. They will also be consistent topics of conversation, because in my universe, they all hung the moon! Although I think they did it in shifts. Hmmm.



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