The Outpouring of Support has been Tremendous!

8 04 2009
In Service to the Cause...

In Service to the Cause...

Just 10 days of  fundraising, and I am already at 30% of my goal!  Here’s extending a huge shout-out of Thanks! to all who have contributed thus far.  Along with the financial support, the well wishes have energized me and warmed my spirit.   Here are a few of the messages from those who have contributed, including my dear mother-in-law, who has inspired me in this cause:

Liz of San Luis Obispo:  “Dear Jen: Thank you so much for supporting a cause that is close to my heart. I am fortunate to be a 15-year survivor of breast cancer, and I know how important this contribution is.   Love you!!”

Roger of Northridge: “I’m proud of you for doing this!”

Sharon of Venice:  “An incredibly worthy cause. I wish Liz and Rebecca only the very best and will hold them in my thoughts. “

Carrie of San Luis Obispo: “Wishing you a fun walk for a very deserving cause! Go Jennifer!”

Judy of Simi Valley:  ” How wonderful of you, you are a true blessing!  May God provide blessings on your endeavor! Been praying for your mom and your friend too.”

Birgit of Thousand Oaks:  “Good luck and God bless! “

There are others who have requested to send in donations, which will only increase the total–but I’m still not there yet, and it’s still not too late to contribute.

Think of it this way: if you give up a few cups of Starbucks, Coffee Bean or Peets for the week, that’s potentially $25.00 you could contribute.  If you eat out, skipping one restaurant meal could generate $30-$50.00 toward the cause.

When you look at it in those terms, it’s so simple!  So please, consider supporting me, as I walk in Service to the Cause.

Here’s the link… you know what to do.

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