Reacquainting with Old Friends, Discovering New, and the Avon Walk Update!

22 04 2009

Thanks to an ex, I used to hike quite a bit, and enjoyed it.  But work schedules, life, and a couple of crazy moves put a comma on the activity.  But now that I am partially employed, and training for the walk, I’ve been able to rediscover my old trails, and get acquainted with a new one.

Fryman Canyon is my main workout route.  It’s a 3-mile,  round-trip hike through Lila Wilacre Estate Park that goes from the San Fernando Valley floor to the top of the Hollywood Hills.   On the less-smoggy days, it has some spectacular views of the Valley and the Hills.  On a clear day, you can see… Burbank and Encino!

When I do my increase day (where I add miles) I just do the round trip twice.  Not fun, but hopefully by August, it will feel like nothing.

I take Panda on two of my four training days, and he loves it!  It’s nice having an appreciative partner to share it with–such a faithful pooch.

My other training hike is a new discovery.  When we moved to North Hollywood, we discovered a walking/biking trail running up the Tujunga Wash.   Called the Tujunga Wash Greenway and Stream Restoration Project, it’s an ambitious effort to capture the Valley rainfall and runoff, and reclaim it for use by Valley residents.

The path stretches from Vanowen Street to Oxnard Street, and is covered with rocks and gravel, surrounded by native trees and plants.  The plants are now in full bloom, and quite beautiful.  I’ve taken some pictures with my Treo of some plants I want to purchase for my own yard.

I tack on an extra mile by connecting to a park bordered by Grant High School and Valley College, that stretches to Chandler Boulevard.  Round-trip, it’s about 4.72 miles.  A good workout, by any measure.

The fundraising is going well, and I am at 38% of my goal!  I have also had several requests for donation coupons, for those who don’t like online transactions and want to snail-mail a donation.  They take 2-3 weeks to update on My Avon page, so I will be excited to see the new contributions in a few weeks!

Here are a few notes of encouragement from my online supporters:

Natalie in Silverlake: “This is a wonderful cause and I hope that you reach your goal. It is certainly a time when all nonprofits can use support from the public.  Good luck!”

Kathy of Panorama City: “We are proud of your efforts. We have 2 close friends who have survived breast cancer. YEAH Jennifer!”

Caprice of Northridge: “You go girl!”

With a cheering section like this, doing 39.3 miles will be a piece of cake–famous last words!

If you’d like to contribute, here’s the link:

My Avon Walk Page



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