Meanderings, Ramblings, and the Avon Walk Update!

14 05 2009

Photo_031609_001Photo_031609_005Spring has truly sprung in Los Angeles, and the weather is quite beautiful.

With the overcast mornings and moderate temps, it’s a nice restful lull before the Dog Days of Summer.  Now that the major Ham events are done for us, I have been fully focusing on building my training regimen.  I am up to 6.25 miles consistently for the distance miles, and some days, I even do 8! On the other days, I vary between 3.5 and 5 miles, depending on whether I do Fryman, Tujunga Wash or some other walking path.

I did Fryman Canyon today, going from end-to-end twice, to make my 6.25 miles.  Seems like everybody and their momma was out, and Thursday early morning is usually the light day!  I attributed it to the change of Marathon schedule here in the city from March to May, which I think was a dumb idea–we’ll see how well it plays out in terms of participation and how many people collapse from heatstroke!  I am very thankful the Avon Walk is in September, and in Long Beach–so that bodes for much cooler weather.

Speaking of Breast Cancer, I received a beautiful note from Rebecca!  She is done with radiation, which was the last recommended stage of active treatment in order to eradicate the cancer.  She is feeling stronger, and is thankful she now has more energy to do things.  Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers for complete healing, and restored health–for now, and for many years to come!

As for the fundraising, I am at 48%!  Several generous donations poured in at once from Nyoki in Bellevue, Jim in Northridge, Sharon in Reseda, and Dale in Northridge, offering their support and thanks.  Dale’s sister died from Breast Cancer, so it is a cause close to her heart–I add her to my list of people who will be in my thoughts as I walk!

It’s never too early (or late) to contribute, so here’s the link–let’s do what we can, to Save the Ta-Tas!

My Avon Walk Page



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