Griffith Park Revisited, and new Fundraising Goal!

29 05 2009

Now that I am moving into my distance miles, I have been scoping out hiking routes where I can go full out for 20 miles (which is the training goal), or that I can go full out for 10, and then double it.  I was trying to combine the Tujunga Wash route (6.25 miles) with city streets, but it just wasn’t jibing.   The street lights, and disruptions of having to cross streets just wasn’t conducive to getting into a distance zone.

Panda needed a bath, beautification, and trim, so I dropped him off at the groomers in Burbank and decided to check out Griffith Park again.  But this time, I parked near the entrance to the L.A. Zoo and Autry Museum, and decided to follow the Equestrian Path that goes along the 5 Freeway.  It turned out to be a stellar choice, and is now my designated distance route!

The Equestrian path stretches from the city of Glendale in the San Fernando Valley, to the city of Los Feliz in Hollywood.  From the parking lot just off of Zoo Drive (start) to Los Feliz Boulevard (end, and the city entrance to Griffith Park), it is 4.4 miles–which means I clocked 8.8 miles today!

The route reflects the paradox of Los Angeles life: Serene beauty juxtaposed by Stressed frenzy.  The I-5 Freeway is a major commuter and truck route that stretches from the San Fernando Valley, into Downtown L.A., and on into Orange County.  So to my left, I had cars and trucks zooming by at 80+ miles per hour, and to my right, I had green hills and cypress trees–what a contradiction, but that’s L.A.!

In terms of fundraising, it’s going like gangbusters!  Thanks to generous gifts from my Aunt Lucia in St. George, Utah and my friend, Dr. Carol Matthews in Hemet, I have now raised $1,025 toward my goal!  I made the commitment that if I reached 50% of that $1,800 within a certain time frame, that I would increase it.  So the new goal is now $2,500!  With 107 more days to go before the walk, this is more than doable, and gives those who have not contributed yet (or who want to contribute more) the opportunity to do so.  As always, any amount is welcome and appreciated–and here’s the link to My Avon Walk Page for your convenience!

Lisa Camilleri and Estellaleigh Franenberg will be walking as part of the BC Fight Club for the San Diego Avon Event on November 20-22, 2009, and they really need help with fundraising.  Whether you want to split the difference between my walk and theirs, or if you’re a San Diegan and want to support your own, here is the link to donate to their cause.

We are all sisters in this fight, so when you support one or two, you support all!



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