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5 06 2009

On Wednesday, I did the Griffith Park Equestrian Trail for the second week in a row; and I think I have found the permanent spot for my distance training!  This time I decided to cross Los Feliz Boulevard, and walked all the way to the 5 Freeway Riverside Drive off ramp, officially extending the distance to 5 miles one way.  So I completed 10 miles–Whoo Hoo!  I’ll get my body used to doing this for a few more weeks, then begin to increase that distance.  We’re moving into Summer, and September seems like a long way away.  But it also seemed like yesterday that I was starting to train and raise money, and look where I am today!  The walk will be here sooner than I think, so I have to be diligent to prepare my body for 26.2 miles in one day; otherwise, it will be too much of a jolt to my system. So, the sooner I can increase and build stamina, the easier it will be on me… at least, that is my hope :D.

Wednesday was a steely-cool day, which is unusual for June in Los Angeles.  Normally you have some burnoff by the afternoon, but the gloom kept its vigilant watch for the good part of the three hours I was out.  Then the sky opened up, and started to drip, drip, drip, and was finally into full-on drizzle by my return trip to the parking lot–Sweet!  I love rain–such a refreshing change from the usual.

And now, to something completely different–Not!  Just a fundraising update!  Thanks to generous gifts from Bradley and Robin Langston-Jones, Edgar and Irene Brown, Jeff and Dayna Nicholson, and The Oya family, I have officially reached $1,135 toward the Avon Walk!  At 47%, with only 100 days to go, I still need to raise $1,365 to reach my goal of $2,500.

If you have not contributed, please take that step–some people have given me as little as $5.00, which is the price of a combo meal at McDonald’s or a latte at Starbucks–so you’ll save yourself unneeded calories, and contribute to a great cause at the same time!  Where else would it cost so little to do so much?

And don’t forget about the BC Fight Club in San Diego–we’re all in this together.

Here are the links, you know what to do!

My Avon Walk Page

BC Fight Club 3-Day Walk Page



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