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15 06 2009

I cannot believe that I have 89 more days to go before the Avon Walk! Since I started this journey in March, I have moved from a mere 3 miles of walking, to over 10 miles.  But more importantly, I have raised $1,190 toward my goal of $2,500.   That’s 48%!  This money goes far in providing much needed access to care, funding educational programs, and accelerating research into new treatments and potential cures. As the date draws near, I am more and more honored to be a part of this worthy endeavor, and grateful to everyone who has contributed so far.

My latest gifts come from my friends, Kim in Japan, and Ginger, AB6YL of Woolsey Canyon.  Kim and I were high school buds at the MIGHTY, MIGHTY Lane Tech in Chicago (go Lane, go!).  She’s a military wife and mom stationed with her husband Steve, in the Land of the Rising Sun.  We keep up with each other via Facebook, so her contribution was such a nice surprise!  She left a sweet note on my Avon page:

Jennifer, I really appreciate you doing this walk. It means a lot to me and so many others! God Bless 🙂

Steve’s protection of our freedoms so that I can do these walks means a lot to me and so many others, as well–so I’m not worthy!  Thank you, Steve and Kim!

Ginger is a dear lady and fellow YL (that would be a female Ham to you neophytes!), who has been so supportive in my attempts to learn the craft of Amateur Radio, and is now supporting me in this Walk–Ginger, you rock–33!

For the rest of you, it’s not too late–I can receive donations up to, and including the dates of the Walk.  Just click this link to My Avon Walk page in order to donate online.  If you would prefer to contribute through snail mail, email me your address and I will forward a donation form and a stamped envelope for you to send it on its way!

I fully understand not everyone is able to contribute money, and some would prefer to do something more personal and tangible.  Well, here are some suggestions–like the title says, support is for more than hosiery!

1.  For those who believe, Pray for me.   That I have the strength to continue and build on my training, that I don’t suffer any injury that would prevent me from completing the full 39.3 miles, and that the contributions would continue to pour in so that I can reach, and even exceed, my goal.

2. Practical Accessories needed!  In attempting 39.3 miles, my leftover workout clothes just won’t do.  Not because I’m fashion conscious (HAH!) but because I need clothes that are of a wicking material (i.e., pulls perspiration away from my body and feet in order to avoid blisters and chafing), and that represent the event.  I have never been a girly-girl, so pink and purple are lacking in the wardrobe; and as everyone knows, PINK is the recognized color for anything Breast-Cancer related.

So if you’d like, contribute a pair of socks that meet that “wicking” requirement (no cotton, as it causes blisters). Or contribute a pink or purple shirt or bottoms (also of the wicking material)–all would be heartily accepted and put to good use!  And feel free to throw in some pink or purple bandanas or caps too–I need something to block the sun and catch the sweat! 😀   For the record, my shoe size is 8, I do XL in tops, and XXL for bottoms.

3. Come Out to Long Beach on September 13!  So far, it’s Lynn and my niece greeting me at the finish, so if you reside in the Los Angeles area, come down to the Queen Mary Events Park and join with them to herald my return!

Queen Mary Events Park, 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA 90802.

I will have more updates and information as we get closer to September 12, so whether you contribute, support, or just think good thoughts, keep in touch via the blog! I always enjoy hearing from people and making new friends.

Not only am I having a great time on this journey, but I’m rediscovering the beauty that is L.A., and why I love living here.  My life, and the world’s events are not all peaches and cream; but pouring myself into something other than what’s in front of my face is making all the difference in my attitude, outlook and perspective.

Keeping it real, in Service to the Cause!



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