Reflecting on the close of another year…

9 12 2009

Here we are again, at the last month of the year.  Can you believe how quickly time has passed?

Perspective is an interesting concept.  If I look at our finances, my (still) limited/lack of employment, and our housing struggles, I could say that this year has been the pits, and that I’m more than happy to see it come to a close, with the hope that 2010 brings better things–please….

But I have chosen to adjust the lens, and apply a particular filter: to focus on what God has done this year, and not on what hasn’t happened.  We are still in our loving home, and I am thankful for having a roof over our heads, and delight in each day we wake up and enjoy being there.  This home is a dream come true, and in the two short years, it has seen a lot of life, death and rebirth.  It gave safe haven to June so that she could freely pass from this life to the next;  it gave Gabi a launch point to move on to her destiny.  For the first time in our marriage, Lynn and I are alone in the house, and enjoying the newness of simply being a couple and having it all to ourselves.  We just celebrated two years in August, and marriage still feels shiny and new!

I hope that wonder never goes away.

My writing for is going quite well. The discipline of writing two to three articles a week for publication has improved my craft, and it is exciting to see my readership and site hits build.  I get paid per hits on the web page, so more increase would be nice; but, I am doing what I have always wanted to do: using my talent to write about eternal matters, and aspects of faith and community that pique my interest.  I have met some wonderful pastors and leaders who have shared their stories of faith and ministry, and have been able to highlight some worthy community programs.  There’s a link on this blog to the articles, so go check them out!  You can also comment on these articles, and you know me; I always like a good dialogue.

Facilitating the Tuesdays with Transitioners job seekers group has been a tremendous blessing.  Helping others in their job search, sharing resources, and offering support is a reward in and of itself.  The most difficult part of encountering hardship is that you tend to feel isolated and alone; so having a place where others are experiencing the same plight that you are acts as an emotional anchor, and helps you to manage your perspective.  Some of the attendees have gained new employment, so I consider that a success!  It has also given me an opportunity to do some public speaking, so I am expanding my presentation skills, and growing in areas I never thought possible.

And thanks again to everyone who contributed to my AVON Walk for Breast Cancer this past September.  Not only did I achieve the entire 39 miles, but I met some great people, including Tana, the lady I trained with.  The two-mile Leukemia/Lymphoma Society fundraiser called “Light the Night” was more personal.  June’s cancer was a T-Cell Lymphoma, and while I didn’t raise a great deal of money for it, it felt good to participate in memory of her life.

It has been a year of celebrating friend’s lives, and mourning with them in the death of their loved ones.  I accomplished some goals, while others still remain just out of reach.  I reacquainted with old friends, and made some new ones.  I spread my wings to travel, while maintaining and maximizing our sweet nest.

So it has been a year of bitter and sweet, of difficulty and daring, of lament and celebration.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but I am glad to see it close.  The wonderful thing about a new year, is the word “New.”

From my household to yours–Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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