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25 02 2010

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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and political jonesing is the order of the day.  Here’s what’s orbiting around my globe:

I’m a Chicago-girl born and raised, and still can’t help keeping up with the politics–especially now that we have a Daley II protegé in the White House.  John Kass of the Chicago Tribune delivers the truth with a machete, lopping off the bs that is the Presidential bi-partisan Health Care Summit.

Obama to deliver health care–The Chicago Way.

From one of the few liberal-leaning blogs I read, Jonathan Cohn of The New Republic is doing exactly what Kass talked about in the above article–smoking the “Hopium” (love that term!) and painting unicorns and roses about the state of the craptacular current bill, while condemning Republican plans as maintaining the status quo, then roundly objecting to any hint of a scaled-down Plan B from the White House.  It’s a good read into the mind of the leftist intelligentsia.

Why This Summit Matters.

And finally, a commentary piece over at Bloomberg pretty much sums up why all of these “plans” are on the wrong track, and will only compound–not resolve–the health care dilemma.

“Don’t Ask” Is No Way to Run Health Care.

All health care, all the time–God, I hope not.



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