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12 03 2010

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Lots swirling around my globe today!

“[N]o federal law requires students to recite the pledge or the religious reference in it,”, so sayeth the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Michael Newdow, who has way too much time and money on his hands–and needs to give me some of it–has been back and forth on this since the last century.  He says the Pledge’s reference to “One Nation, under God” violates a citizen’s right to be free of state-mandated religion.  If you haven’t heard by now, Newdow is an atheist.

Newdow has had rulings on this in his favor, but they have been cut back or overturned on appeal.  The U.S. Supremes kicked it, saying he had no standing to bring the charge on behalf of his daughter, who from past readings, is being primarily raised by her Christian mother.  Heck, the kid has got to be in her teens, so I wonder–is she rebelling against her atheist father by becoming a religious zealot?  Or is she rebelling against her mother by siding with dad?  Either way, I feel sorry for any kid that has to live under this degree of divisiveness and useless activism.

The 9th Circuit is essentially telling him to now get over it.  Will he?  Pledge of Allegiance’s “God” reference now upheld.

Speaking of atheists, a group of them are gathering in Melbourne, Australia this weekend for The Global Atheist Convention.  Apparently, “participants will be urged to avoid ‘missionary zeal’ in their determination to promote their non-religious message to the world.”   I wonder if Michael Newdow or Bill Maher plan to attend? Atheists meet in Melbourne to celebrate their lack of faith.

Now to my side of the aisle.  Apparently Samaritan Ministries, a faith-based group offers an innovative way to mitigate health care costs, and are now showing others how.  Interesting what innovation can occur when its allowed to flourish.  Will this same innovation be the first thing to face the “death panels” if Obamacare is passed?  Christian groups find way around high health care costs.



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