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16 03 2010

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I’m all over the galaxy this morning, with a potpourri of stuff whizzing by my planet like asteroids.  While I’m no less prolific, the death of my working laptop has rendered me limited.  When part of your livelihood requires you being online, its not a good thing; but I continue to revolve…

Did you know Southern California had yet another earthquake earlier today?  Funny thing is, I woke up at 3:30 a.m., looked at the clock, and wondered, “what the h@%&?”  Then rolled over and went back to sleep.  The actual 4.4 quake hit about 4:04 am, while I was back in the land of restful slumbers.  Epicentered in Pico Rivera, which is about 11 miles from downtown Los Angeles, it was felt as far as San Diego, which experienced its own 4 pointer on Saturday.  While no major damage was reported, Kate Hutton, our favorite seismologist at Caltech, says there is a 5% change that this is a “foreshock” to the Big One.  The joys of living in a fault zone.  4.4 earthquake awakens Southern California….

I swear, the Brits have better news these days.  From the Beebs (BBC), ABBA has been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame–way cool!  ABBA is one of my favorite bands, and I was so happy that Muriel’s Wedding and Mamma Mia gave them a revival.  Well deserved. ABBA receives Hall of Fame honour.

The boys at Hillbuzz turned me on to this article in by Shikha Dalmia in Forbes: Wrong Bill at the Wrong Time.  While the boys have their favorite pull quote from the article, mine happens to be:

“Even before President Obama rammed through his trillion-dollar-plus stimulus/bailout packages last year, there was a growing sentiment that the country’s top priority ought to be tackling the entitlement programs whose liabilities are like a swelling aneurysm in the brain of the body politic waiting to rupture.”

Worth the read.  We are experiencing massive fraud, deceit and wholesale hijacking of the Constitution, all for this bill.  An aneurysm waiting to rupture is an apt description.



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