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6 05 2010

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Jennifer Rubin at Commentary magazine asks the question that crossed my mind when I first heard about the failed Times Square bombing: When Will Our Luck Run Out? In less than six months, we have faced another Terrorist attack that, save for the quick thinking of sharp citizens and law enforcement, coupled with the ineptitude of the terrorist, could have cost thousands, if not millions of lives.   Yet, our President cannot even bring himself to use the “T” word, and our feckless media is consistently saying, “Nothing to see here, he was an American citizen, not a crazy Jihadist.  And isn’t it a shame about that Gulf spill?”

And speaking of that Gulf spill, the Beebs reports that BP has delivered a giant box to help with the containment.  The box is supposed to funnel the oil out of the water, and away from beaches and wildlife.  From my perusal of the article, it is a massive undertaking just getting the device in place.   Shame this was done later, rather than sooner, but BP is certainly doing their best to mitigate the damage.  Wish I could say the same about the Obama administration, which is 0 for 3 right now.  The flooding in Tennessee–a tragedy that I would classify as desperately needing Disaster Relief–has barely been spoken about by the administration.  But Cinco De Mayo, a day that not even Mexico is all that into, gets a party and a mention.  Can we say,  “Out to Lunch,” boys and girls?

And in his blog, Howard Kurtz acts incredulous that Newsweek magazine is up for sale, and now has a “hazy future“:

A pull quote:

“Now a perfectly fine buyer may emerge, but it seems a foregone conclusion that Newsweek at best will be a shriveled version of its former self. In fact, some people think that’s already the case.” (emphasis mine)

Count me in on that one! Newsweek is a shriveled version of its former self.  One wonders what planet Kurtz has been living on for the last 10 years.  With content as thin as tissue, and an editorial staff whose mandate consists of writing puff pieces about Obama and gotcha journalism on Sarah Palin, Newsweek moved away from sound journalistic standards quite some time ago.  “How the mighty have fallen,” the Bible intones, and I say, Amen.

In the 1990’s, Newsweek was my go-to magazine for political coverage.  Yes, they had a leftward tilt just like all the rest of the Coastie rags, but I was never bored with their coverage, their quality pool of writers, or their ability to at least make an effort to cover differing sides of the debate.  I let my subscription expire some time ago, opting to patch into the online version for free.  Now, unless referred by some other online source, I don’t even waste my time hitting the page.

For everyone’s sake, pull the plug, and quickly.  Then send Jon Meacham away to write his tomes on President Andrew Jackson, or to an administrative post in the Obama White House.



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