Epic Fail

30 07 2010

I am calling it.  This car will go down in flames–maybe literally, as we have yet to see how it actually performs in real life.  Who knows what massive recall will plague it, if anyone actually buys the thing to begin with.

Why, oh why, would you spend $41,000 on a car that looks like its based on the anatomy of a fly?  If I wanted to look like I was driving an insect, I would have bought a Prius.  While I don’t consider myself a car person, I’m enough of one to want to look a bit “cool” in the car I happen to drive.  Vanity, yes, but I betcha I find plenty of other people who feel the same!

And 40 mph on one charge?  Did any of the designers ever live in Los Angeles, where you could go 40 miles BEFORE you get to work?  Are they planning on converting every building for chargers or put emergency stations on the 405 freeway?  Since it’s taken them 15 years to get a carpool lane on that same freeway, this is… Doubtful.

The blazing PR, hard sell, and need to incorporate a supposed tax break says it all; and some op-ed guy from The New York Times actually agrees with me.  This one is destined to be a lemon.  The Volt–G.M.’s Electric Lemon.



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