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15 10 2010

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Friday evening finds me circling the globes of religion and politics.

I have written a review of the fine documentary God in America for my Examiner column this week.  After you read it, I recommend seeing the documentary for yourself.  It has already aired in Los Angeles, and probably other major outlets, but you can still view it on the website or purchase the DVDs. This is one series that is worth the price of admission, not only for its educational value, but because it puts the conversation about Religion back into the public square–where it should have remained.  “God in America”–the review.

And the Washington Post, no less hosts an opinion piece by Matthew Continetti entitled,  Five myths about Sarah Palin. Continetti lays out facts that dispel much of the rants and the chatter I get subjected to here on the Left Coast.  Whether she runs for President in 2012 or not, she daily debunks all the predictions and prognostications about her influence and viability as a political presence–I can appreciate that.

And also courtesy of WaPo, living proof the seemingly stuffy Charles Krauthammer has a sense of humor.  Your pre-election Post Mortem is both prescient and snarky!  He riffs on the unalterably damaged Carl Palladino, and gives deserved weight (and long overdue credit to Sarah Palin) to the rise of  Conservative Women.  Candidates from Sharron Angle of Nevada to Nikki Haley of South Carolina are giving the establishment, and their opponents a run for their money.  Girl Power–whoo hoo!

My favorite pull quote:

Most irresistible political name. New Hampshire Republican and Senate primary candidate Ovide Lamontagne. Sounds like a French-Greek poet declaiming in the streets of Nashua. Tragically, he lost.

Ovide, we hardly knew ye.”



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