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20 12 2010

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So the Girl has been busy–not only with Holiday cheer and parties, but with interview subjects for, and networking opportunities for future stories.  The hope is that all this will lead to more paying writing work, so the Year 2011 will be much prosperous–this is my grownup Christmas list!

If you’re still in the market for a live tree and you live in Los Angeles, may I recommend The First Christian Church of North Hollywood‘s Christmas Tree Lot?  They give all their proceeds to children’s charities and they are friendly and reasonable. Check out Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree on my profile, then consider stopping by; their open through December 22.

For you iPad owners and wannabes-: One of the must-have gifts is an interactive book called When Santa Got Sick.  Food4Thought Productions first launch application is a winner and a wonderful marriage between traditional storytelling and new technology.    Click on the title link for a full review of the app–and it’s cheap too!

And the Girl snagged a guest spot on The Oracle Speaks radio program this weekend! It was a wonderful first-time experience, with Denise L. Cook (The Oracle) and her co-host.  I had most of the hour, and got a chance to talk about my writing, reinvention and Play!  How cool is that?  Give it a listen and let me know what you think…

The ORACLE Speaks…PLAY with special guest Jennifer Oliver O’Connell.




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