Illustrating Absurdity

9 02 2011
Illustrating Absurdity

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These news bites give new meaning to the phrase.

In the “Too Stupid to Run a Mile” category, L.A. County Public Health officials decided to help Ravers have a “safer” experience when they downed Ecstasy by giving them the facts about the drug via a flier.

Public health flier warning of  dangers of Ecstasty at raves to be revised.

The low-lights:

“The flier was intended to be handed out at future raves at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Sports Arena. It tells about the effects of Ecstasy overdose and ‘how to minimize potential harms,’ including warnings that taking Ecstasy with other substances, especially alcohol, can increase risks. The flier also advises to ‘aim low’ in dose and frequency, because ‘Ecstasy risks increase with larger doses.'”

The flier also advises rave attendees to not drive, to stay hydrated and take frequent breaks. It also advises that people “stay away” from Ecstasy, saying that ‘the only way to completely avoid the risks is to avoid the drug.’

Do they seriously think anyone who drops E on the regular is interested in a fact sheet, or will be coherent enough to actually read and/or comprehend it?

A copy of the original flier for your reading pleasure.

To no one’s surprise, the Dept. of Public Health came under sharp criticism:

“[B]ased on feedback from board members and upon further review by the department, Public Health is immediately revising the card to further and more emphatically state that illegal drug use is dangerous.”

No! Duh.

And via HuffPo, we find that the good citizens of Fort Wayne, Indiana are being overruled in their desire to name a government center after their longest-serving Republication mayor because of his name.  Wait for it… Harry Baals.  Fort Wayne Likely To Snub Popular Mayor over Suggestive Name.

“Baals, pronounced like “balls,” is the clear frontrunner in an online vote taken to gauge support for the various candidates, but on Tuesday, city officials suggested that they didn’t want to humiliate the city by giving people a reason to snicker at the name of the structure.”

So despite the overwhelming public support to see this man honored, it looks like the people have been ignored. Sounds a lot like the run-up to the Obamacare vote.

And last, but by no means least… Lindsay Lohan.

That is all.



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