Illustrating Absurdity: Your Cheating Heart Edition

10 06 2011
Illustrating Absurdity

Chicken crossing by Peter Griffin/

Even if you’re currently under a rock, you have heard something about Weinergate. I won’t rehash any of the tawdry details, I’ll simply point out the absurdities.

Absurdity #1: A political junkie friend (who happens to be blind) asked me whether Anthony Weiner is good looking. My response? Hell, to the NO! I have always  marveled at how these ugly guys with minimal talent get all this play. Men with questionable looks, questionable skills, but a golden tongue get women to fall all over themselves, and connected people to defend them, despite the evidence.  The fact that Kirsten Powers, a beautiful, smart woman whose writing I admire, actually dated this man for a time, once again gives me pause. And she, too, believed and defended him–until evidence proved otherwise. Now she’s crying about it in her Daily Beast column and calling for his resignation–go figure.

Absurdity #2: Why is it that the so-called supporters of women, all those second and third-wave feminists, are refusing to comment about Weinergate? You know, the ones that made fools of themselves over  Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill, and the Tim Tebow ad? Andrea Tantaros unveils the staggering excuses made by the media: Left-wing talking heads wrongly blame Andrew Breitbart while helping Anthony Weiner spread his lies–particularly certain women in the media, like that paragon of feminism herself, Barbara Walters.

Absurdity #3: Where is the collective rallying around Huma Abedin? When the ex-Guvernator of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was exposed for the womanizer that he is with a love-child to boot, the hue and cry about poor Maria Shriver was deafening. But even revelations that Huma is pregnant is getting little play, and Chris “Hardball” Matthews questioned whether she is partially at fault. To borrow some text-speak: SMH.



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