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21 06 2011

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The Girl is prepping for a Tuesdays with Transitioners meeting today with Karen Hudson, a Costume Designer and Supervisor who has worked in television, film, theatre, opera, and print.

She’ll talk about First Impressions and Creating the Character you want People to See–a knowledge topic that will benefit the career seeker, entrepreneur, or any average Joe or Jane.  If you have the time, come on by–12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Details are here.

And I find it humorous that everyone is all a-twitter over Jon Stewart appearing on Fox News Sunday. Both the left and the right see it as a coup for their side. Moe Lane writes over at RedstateChris Wallace schools Jon Stewart“, while HuffPo felt the win was in Stewart’s corner as he slammed Fox for wrongly editing his interview. Newsflash: Everyone edits to suit their agenda, CNN does it, ABC does it, and The Daily Show definitely does it–so why this faux outrage?  But I digress…

I read the transcript and saw the interview, yawning over both. I am no fan of either Wallace or Stewart–both are waaay too full of themselves for me to care about their opinions. But a quote that both sides are jumping on is the one Stewart made to prove his “expert opinion”:

“‘Who are the most consistently misinformed media viewers?’ Stewart shot back, his voice rising. ‘The most consistently misinformed? Fox, Fox viewers, consistently, every poll.'”

The great fount of hard-hitting journalism, Wallace, failed to challenge him on this. I’m glad that Politifact decided to take up the gauntlet, with interesting results.  Give it a read: The Truth-o-Meter.

My opinion: Fox, The Daily Show, and other outlets get ratings and exposure no matter what they talk about, which three-quarters of the time, isn’t much. Most of it is Echo-Chamber Theater depending on which side of the agenda you’re on. Hey, I’m writing about it, and I rarely tune in to either show!

Stewart is no purist hero representing his side, and neither is Wallace–it’s all about the money and the ratings. So both sides need to step off the soapbox.



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