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28 07 2011

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The Girl has been immersed in the Reinvention of her life, particularly where Yoga is concerned. The C-1 class instruction at  CorePower Yoga continues to go well, and I learn something new with each class, even though the sequence and structure are much the same. I guess that’s the beauty of teaching something in and out for a period of time–it helps you grow and refine. Part of the cycle of life….

On top of subbing the Friday Power FLow class at Santosha Space, I am mounting a class on Mondays and Wednesdays called Soul Flow: Power Yoga set to Soul, R&B and Gospel music. It involves the typical struggles of starting something new; trying to build a committed following. But the concept is one that I can make my own and will allow me some creativity–so I’m taking advantage of this opportunity!

And the Christian version of Soul Flow is also going well. This Thursday evening Yoga class at the Congregational Church of Northridge continues to build a following, and I have several committed fledgling Yogis. Another proving and learning ground.

Can you believe after eight weeks of intensive Level 1 training and the subsequent Extension period, that I’m gearing up for more training? Indeed. I bit the bullet and signed up for a Power Yoga Level 2 intensive at CorePower Yoga in Irvine. Trevor Tice, the Founder and CEO of CorePower will be spearheading this particular endeavor, and it’s another golden opportunity to expand on the exceptional Level 1 training I received while it is still fresh in my head and body.

Had anyone told me a year ago that I would be training and scratching out a living as a Yoga instructor, I would have laughed in their face. I’m learning all over again that in this life, one must expect the unexpected.

After the last few years, it’s nice to have some restored vision and passion.



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