In My Orbit: Musings…on a Sunday Afternoon

24 06 2012

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Haven’t had a full weekend with nothing to do in a long time, and boy did it feel good! I wrote some, watched movies, and had Malibu Rum with Dr. Pepper while I did all of these–who could ask for anything more?

I also caught up on my reading, some of it posted to Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to “Subscribe” and “Follow” to always keep up on the latest, but here are the top reads over the weekend:

Mark Steyn, via the Orange County Register: Obama the first invented American President. Steyn is a genius. Enough said.

Jake Tapper, via The New Republic: The Snoozeroom. Interesting take from the Tapper on Aaron Sorkin’s latest liberal love letter, The Newsroom, for which Tapper offered stories and consultation.

I had a conversation with fellow writer friend Sarah Beach about how relevant this series will be, since the reputation and credibility of network and cable news is dwindling daily. The latest stunt by Andrea Mitchell at MSNBC is a prime example of this. Most real investigative reporting is happening in the blogosphere anyway, so save for occasionally tuning in, network and cable news gets scant attention from me.

I do not have HBO, so don’t plan to watch the show, but it will either go two ways: the show will tank and be gone after a season, or it will be propped up by Sorkin’s usual liberal acolytes as “cutting edge.” Right.

Here’s a brief twirl around the rest of my universe:

Deep thoughts: Is Jon McNaughton to 2012 what Seth Fairey was to 2008?

If money talks and bulls**t walks, I guess the Obama campaign needs to lace up its walking shoes: Obama Bundlers from 2008 Disappear in 2012 Campaign.

Hard News alert: CBS News gives scant attention to Operation Fast & Furious, but gleefully reports Obama’s latest fundraising gimmick?

Obama campaign soliciting birthday/wedding gifts in fundraising ploy.

A shift in the time-space continuum: A couple who met on Twitter live tweets their wedding. The new normal, or the end of civilization as we know it? #RallieWed

Would love to hear your thoughts! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.



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