Epic Fail

19 07 2012

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Hoisted by His Own Petard

I don’t think President Obama thought that his lovely speech in Roanoke, Virginia letting small business owners know that “you didn’t build that!” would be such an Epic Fail, and cause a rallying cry nicely represented in the blogosphere, Twitterverse, and especially the Mitt Romney campaign. I can’t wait to hear the increase in fundraising numbers for Romney after July 13, 2012.

But that’s not the only Epic Fail of this Administration’s campaign strategy. The memes of “Romney is a felon”, “Romney is an outsourcer”, and “Romney is hiding something in his taxes” are petering out faster than a three-year-old’s birthday balloon.

Breibart, Washington Times, and the Wall Street Journal all spotlight articles that show these attacks are revealing more about the real Obama than they are about Romney. The stories also point to polls that show Obama is losing his likability rating–the one thing he has been able to hold onto despite his dismal job in leading the nation.

Now new attention is being paid to the tax-paying habits (or lack thereof–hello, Timothy Geitner) and offshore bank accounts of Democratic leadership, including Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Nancy Pelosi.  An article from January, written by Andrew Malcolm over at Investor’s Business Daily is getting new legs. His investigative work revealed 36 of Obama’s aides who owe $833,000 in back taxes.

“The IRS’ 2010 delinquent tax revelations come as part of a required annual agency report on federal employees’ tax compliance. Turns out, an awful lot of folks being paid by taxpayers are not paying their own income taxes.

“The report finds that thousands of federal employees owe the country more than $3.4 billion in back taxes. That’s up 3% in the past year.

“That scale of delinquency could annoy voters, hard-pressed by their own costs, fears and stubbornly high unemployment despite Joe Biden’s many promises.”

Pot, meet kettle.

As Obama demands the rich Americans pay more taxes, the IRS reveals 36 Obama aides are far behind in theirs.

If Governor Mitt Romney does win the Presidency in November, we can rightly point to President Obama’s Roanoke speech as the wind that changed the campaign’s direction. For someone who rode into office in large part on his ability to inspire and “speechify”, this would make for an even more crushing loss.

All You’re ever Gonna be is Mean

This Epic Fail I simply, love, love, LOVE.

In the 2008 Presidential campaign, the Mainstream Media, Leftists, and Progressives did it’s ugly best to destroy Governor Sarah Palin and her family, making Bristol Palin and Sarah’s newborn son Trig (who was born with Downs Syndrome), part of their focus. Senator John McCain lost the presidency (in large part due to John McCain), and these miscreants licked their chops, wiped their hands and considered their deed was done.

Four years later, I cackle with glee to see that Sarah Palin is a bigger thorn in their side than she EVER would have been as a Vice President. Sarah is a major face of the Tea Party movement, endorses and supports Republican candidates, and through her Facebook page and Fox News commentary, she continues to contribute and control the political debate (Remember “death panels”?)

Now I cackle even louder to see that Bristol Palin is nicely following in her mother’s footsteps.

Via Twitchy.com (fast becoming one of my favorite go-to sites), Bristol Palin decided to create a photo campaign at her Bristol’s Blog entitled, “#IBuiltThis”:

“Since the President doesn’t understand how our economy works, let’s take a moment to explain how small businesses are created…  More importantly, let’s show him the businesses we’ve made and who has made them.  Please send me your photos — either e-mail me (via BristolsBlog @ gmail.com, without the space!) or tweet me at this blog’s brand new Twitter account (@BristolsBlog) using the hashtag #IBuiltThis.”

The hashtag is trending, with Twitter users submitting their own photos. Not only is she contributing to the debate, but giving others a voice to do the same.

What’s that expression? Success is the best revenge.



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