11 09 2012

I originally wrote this for September 11, 2006, but the thoughts and exhortations are just as true six years later as they were when I wrote them. On this 11th anniversary of the 9/11 Tragedy, let us remember the courage and the coming together of a nation. But most of all, let us remember those who died and those they left behind.

As the Girl Turns Inc.

On today, the fifth anniversary of 9/11, we remember the 2001 atrocity committed against our nation and the world.The previously “friendly skies” of United and American were turned into weapons at the hands of Islamic-fascists, destroying the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and close to 3,000 lives.

Along with the lives lost, our illusions that our nation is a safe place were permanently shattered.

Five years later, we are still fighting a global war on terror against those who want to destroy us.Some feel its a failure, others feel we need to stay the course and are gaining ground.I’m not here to argue the validity of either viewpoint.My focus has been on what five years of terror threats and the federal and local action and reaction to it has produced.

Three weeks preceding the 9/11 anniversary, a terrorist plot in Britain was thwarted.Radicals who were…

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