21 09 2012

I wrote this post on Super Tuesday, during the 2008 Presidential election cycle. I am amazed that my opinions on the candidates (one of them who is now President, the other the Secretary of State) were pretty spot on and accurate. My encouragement is the same–do your research, and use your vote! If you are Black or a woman, you have no excuse. Too many people fought and died for your right to do so, so please don’t squander it.

As the Girl Turns Inc.

Okay, I admit it:I’m a closet political junkie, particularly during National election cycles.I try to catch the debates, read the candidate’s websites, and follow the coverage and commentary from the old and new media—frankly, I think that’s when some of the best writing and commentary is seen.

I consider it a waste of time to constantly spout about my own political views.If asked, I’ll tell you what I stand for; but I find those who wear it as a badge of honor or a chip on their shoulder to be not only wearisome, but distancing and divisive.While it’s a part of who I am, I don’t build relationships or communicate (or not communicate) on the basis of it.If that were the case, I never would have dated or married Lynn—he differs from me on a number of issues, and we’ll probably vote for two different…

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