Here’s the post where I’m accused of defending Donald Sterling

28 04 2014

I have little desire to write about this ridiculous knee-jerk reaction to Donald Sterling’s comments. Very grateful that Matt Walsh has done the dirty work. Read on….

The Matt Walsh Blog


It’s really a fascinating thing, when you think about it.

Even a culture like ours — a culture dedicated to hedonism and relativism — has to put on a show every once in a while and pretend it has some semblance of a moral standard. It shows you that those philosophers and theologians were actually onto something when they wrote about Natural Law.

Deep down, in the pit of our being, there exists a need to be good and virtuous; but if being good and virtuous is too hard, then at least we need to find a halfway convincing substitute. Only demons and psychotics would stand and openly proclaim their own evil — the rest of us can act the part, but we still feel the urge to get up and play Morality Charades on occasion.

That’s what comes to mind when I see the reaction to the story about…

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