50 Days to 50 Years: Day 24, DISH with my Montrose Women’s Bible Study Small Group

8 07 2016

“Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.”— Rosalind Russell



I am blessed this Summer in getting to know Jana Benson and Betty Smith, as they both keep expanding my world with new people and experiences. With Summer vacations and kids out of school, we are on break from the Women’s Bible Study, but industrious and spontaneous Betty decided to plan some get togethers for our small group. At first we were going to frolic around her pool, but the weather decided to downshift, so she thought a nice lunch at a local Crescenta Valley haunt would be more appropriate.

So Day 24, started with a great heated Yoga class and an unexpectedly long appointment which made me late. But I came home, showered, and got dolled up to meet the ladies at DISH in La Canada. Save for people who make more money than me, drive nicer cars and have large homes, I knew next to nothing about La Canada-Flintridge. Now I’m spending practically every weekend there!  I take that as a positive sign.

Betty has such great flair, and she brightened our table with my favorite Gerbera daisies (how did she know?!) and lilys, along with some chocolate chips she brought from Trader Joe’s. Wicked—I know what will be in my basket next time I stop by that store.

Not all the ladies could make it, but I got a chance to sit next to sweet Gloria, a powerful prayer warrior who is passionate about her family. She is very inspiring and fun, and it was nice to get a chance to know her better.

Denise Pearson is the co-leader of our small group, and we got to talk in depth as well. She is an Air Force kid, so she has lived all over the U.S. I got some insight on how that shapes your perspective and view of the world. She was fortunate that her dad retired in California, so she got to complete junior high and high school here. She is also passionate about her children (all boys), and is ripe to have fun—as are most of the women in our group. I believe I have found the right crowd!

DISH is insane, but the prices are not! I had a tremendously delicious rare Burger with Tillamook Cheddar and Kennebec Fries for an excellent price. Gloria split a salad with another lady, but the half salad looked like a full one! I appreciate places where they feed you well, and you feel as though you have gotten your money’s worth. Our waitress was a gem.

I will miss our next small group get together due to being out of town, but am once again thankful for the new friends, new community connections and the spaces to play that I am finding this Summer.



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