Open Letter to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors opposing their declared Opposition to Prop 22

9 10 2020

This is not what I wanted to see on a Friday. It is a tweet from the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors’ District 1 representative Hilda Solis.

Despite the supposed poll data, it is clear from this move that Yes on Prop 22 is on the path to winning; so this is Labor’s pre-emptive strike to oppose the will of the people. I will not allow this to stand, and you shouldn’t either.

Solis used to be Secretary of Labor during the Obama administration (first term), and I actually met her in Washington, D.C. when she hosted a Jobs Panel to which I was invited. I was facilitating a Career/Jobs group called Tuesdays with Transitioners, and my focus was training the 20th Century worker in 21st Century technology. While this was maybe a year or two before app-based technology exploded, I trained people in the mindset of depending on their skills, ingenuity, and smarts to find employment. To rethink employment outside of the box of a full-time job, and to consider themselves the commodity (and not the job), and to do their utmost to market that commodity to employers or individuals/companies wishing to contract with them.

The 2011 Jobs Club Panel hosted by United States Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis in Washington, D.C.

Then-Secretary Solis gave high praise to my methods, even mentioning me in her newsletter (above).

Now in her second (and thankfully, last) term as Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for District 1, Solis seems intent on appeasing her Union backers. Sadly, this is the way of the world in California and elected officials who are beholden to their Labor interests, rather than the people they are elected to serve.

Like most legislative measures, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors allows for public comment on their website:

Along with filling in the limited comment box, I attached a long letter which I am reposting here. It is raw, but real. Feel free to copy, share, or borrow any of my language.

This evil attack on the working professionals, gig workers, women, minorities, and those who do not work in a typical way must be ended. If you live in Los Angeles County, I encourage you to lodge your Opposition to this measure, and even show up to the hearings on October 13 if you are able.



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