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3 11 2010

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The Postmortem edition, which is generally sunny.  I’m even way more optimistic about California than my fellow conservatives.  Though the Executive House has remained entrenched with leftist retreads like Brown, Newsom and Boxer, The State House has gone surprisingly conservative/right.  A look at Politico‘s very detailed Election results map, shows California voting district by district. We know it will take a major act for Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and the Norther Coastal parts to turn red–but the rest of the California landscape?  bloody man, Bloody.   So will that get us further entrenchment with nothing getting done, or will it precipitate change?  Whether we lose more businesses and jobs and how quickly we slip into insolvency will be the deciding factors.

And CBS News points to the Ominous Signs For Obama in 2012.  Major theme: It’s the economy–pay attention to the economy.  No president has ever won re-election with unemployment above seven percent.  Hopefully our President is reading this and will refocus in the right direction.  Hopefully….

Of course, the national results had me doing a happy dance!  Already 247 Republican House seats confirmed and 11 or 12 yet to be decided.  And a conservative turnover in Blue entrenchments like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and God love us–Illinois?  For once, the dead didn’t vote!

Evan Bayh, retiring Democrat Senator from Indiana gives some advice to his party on how to recoup and regain in 2012.   Where Do Democrats Go Next? Best pull quote:

“It is clear that Democrats over-interpreted our mandate. Talk of a “political realignment” and a “new progressive era” proved wishful thinking. Exit polls in 2008 showed that 22 percent of voters identified themselves as liberals, 32 percent as conservatives and 44 percent as moderates. An electorate that is 76 percent moderate to conservative was not crying out for a move to the left.”

Prescient me predicted liberal overreach after Obama was elected, and I was not disappointed.  Now the Dems are, and I don’t quite understand why.  What’s that proverb?  Pride comes before a fall, and Pride and Arrogance has been their waistcoat since January 20, 2009.  When will they get it?

Exit question–will they listen to Bayh’s assessment, or continue to try to shove their progressive agenda down America’s throat?  Only time will tell….

What is most clear to me is that the people have spoken again; now let’s hope that both sides interpret this correctly. No mandate here–just listen to what we’re saying, okay?  Because we do desire to see our country succeed, and now, we organize and WE VOTE.  And by the way, stop calling us fearful and stupid–gets you nowhere fast.

I like my nation for the people, by the people, and every election cycle reinforces why the Founders wanted it that way.  Thomas Jefferson said it well: “I have no fear that the result of our experiment will be that men may be trusted to govern themselves without a master.”


Happy Labor Day?

6 09 2010

Apocalypse by Josee-holland Eclipse

L.A. Times delivers the “happy” statistics on the unemployed this Labor Day.  Not pretty, but not surprising either.  A pull quote:

“Granted, the situation was worse in the last three months of 2009, when 10% of the country was unemployed. But painfully slow economic growth and even slower hiring has scarcely improved matters since then. And now the country’s workforce finds itself in an unusually uncomfortable position: For the first time since the Depression, unemployment is likely to be above 9.5% for two consecutive Labor Days.”

All the journalists, pundits, and politicians blowing smoke up our asses for most of this year are smacked with the reality that we are headed for the double dip–and there is not much anyone can do to prevent it.

Of course, other politicians, and the wannabes, are surfing the adversity wave with promises of, “reelect (or elect) me, and I will increase the jobs.”  In employment-strapped California (Ranked No. 3 for highest unemployment in the nation), its Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman singing that tune.  While this talk seems to have launched Whitman ahead of her competition–and with competition like Jerry Brown, this is not difficult–Fiorina is slightly behind the abysmal Barbara Boxer in the polls; this is California, after all.

In No. 2 Nevada, the Las Vegas Sun editorial does the usual partisan blame game: Democrats are trying hard–it’s the Republicans fault.  But 99-week extensions on unemployment have not produced more jobs, or motivation in the unemployed to look for work; so that argument is full of holes.

Now the “on top of it from Day 1” Obama administration announced a $50 billion infrastructure plan to create jobs.  From, Obama plans big economic push: too little, too late? However, the journalists of CNN ask the right questions.  When backed into a corner on how much job creation more spending (and that’s exactly what this is) will accomplish, the truth comes out.  From the article, emphasis mine:

“[A] senior administration official acknowledged that the infrastructure package will not add any new jobs until at least 2011.’This is not a stimulus, immediate-jobs plan,’ one senior official said. ‘This is a six-year reauthorization (of transportation projects) that is front-loaded’ with money to try and spark the economy once Congress passes it.”

Well, if the editorial writer from the Las Vegas Sun is correct in his assessment, then that will never happen–and definitely not before the mid-term elections.  The CNN article goes on to say that the Democrats plan to use the “blame Bush” strategy to explain away why they are inept and incapable of doing anything about the economy except try to spend their way out of it.

Time for me to have a heart-to-heart with my aunts and uncles who survived the Depression era; they’ll have better ideas–and maybe even some solutions–than any economist or politician out there, whatever the party label.

Too little, too late indeed.

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