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1 10 2010

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Politics and California and Hollywood, Oh my!

Apparently E-Bay Meg Whitman, California’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, has been blindsided by her former housekeeper and illegal alien Nicky Diaz Santillian.  The illegal housekeeper is being represented by media whore herself, Gloria Allred, of the Tiger Woods’ slut brigade.

You know the drill as it’s older than dust.  Whitman claims that Allred is working for Democrat Jerry Brown, and trying to discredit her weeks before the election.   Whitman and her husband, who allegedly wrote a note on the smoking gun SSA letter alerting them to a discrepancy in Diaz Santillian’s social security number, should have been smarter about such things, especially since Whitman has had political aspirations for quite some time, and you would think her counselors would have upended every rock they could to make sure she was scandal proof.  In defense of Whitman’s husband, he’s a doctor, and after my husband and I looked at the handwritten note on the letter, we quickly surmised that there is no way any doctor could have written that neatly–especially if he was in a hurry–which the note, if written by Whitman’s husband, seems to indicate.

Whether Jerry and Gloria are playing dirty tricks (more than likely) or Whitman was just plain stupid is still yet to be seen.  We know they are both vying for that all-inclusive Hispanic vote, and this is just the fodder to tip the scales one way or another.

But a new Gallup study is indicating that this may be a futile attempt on the Democrat side of things, as Hispanics are starting to drift toward the Republican ticket.  Gallup blames this on Obama dropping the ball (what else is new) and the popularity of the Arizona law nationwide among Hispanics of South American and Cuban descent.

Hot Air sums it up more accurately and succinctly–It’s the economy, stupid.  Take a gander: Hispanic Voters drifting back to the GOP.

And now for something completely different–a city with two indie films!

Like Dandelion Dust is premiering in the Los Angeles area today, and it’s at least in three theaters within a 15-20 mile radius of my vicinity (Thousand OaksSimi ValleyTorrance).  I can’t say enough good about this movie, which I previewed in last week’s In My Orbit.  If you’re looking for quality entertainment that is worth the price of admission, then this movie fits the bill.  Find a theater near you either on the Like Dandelion Dust Facebook page or via the website.

Also premiering this weekend is Midnight Reckoning, a film by Derrick Warfel, fellow USC alum and Premise member.  The film stars Persia White of “Girlfriends” fame, and soap opera-hottie Bruce Michael Hall.  It has received accolades across the film festival circuit this past year, and will be shown in limited release through the month of October, with a DVD release two weeks from now.

I’ll be viewing the film at the Cinemark Theatre in NoHo–come and join me!

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24 09 2010

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Social Media Week has been in full swing in Los Angeles, and wraps up today.  I’ve tried to take in as much as I can, particularly since some quality presentations and panels have been offered for free! Can’t beat that with a knobby stick.

The first presentation I attended was about “Jesus and Social Media”.  Being the smart girl that I am, I turned that into an article so that the rest of the world could get the skinny on what was discussed.  Take a read… Social Media Week LA Presents “Jesus in Social Media“.

The other panel I attended was “Hollywood gets a Social Makeover” at The Paley Center in Beverly Hills.   The panel was a bunch of Hollywood execs who work to get their product out into the online marketplace, and the new challenges that it presents.  The gist: The consumer and the community is now driving the marketing and advertising, as opposed to the old model, where marketing and advertising were able to drive the consumer. The companies/media outlets/marketers who understand this and position themselves correctly will be on the cusp of this social media revolution.

One thing they all agreed on was that there is no magic bullet anymore; what works for one feature or game, doesn’t necessarily work for the other! Definitely an open field for experimentation and creativity, which I hope to exploit to my advantage, along with many of the attendees, I might add.

And I had the distinct privilege of attending a free screening of Like Dandelion Dust hosted by Christian entertainment industry fellowship groups The Beacon and Premise.  While not a part of the whole Social Media Week phenomenon, this fit in nicely, and made an impromptu date night for me and the hubby!

An adaptation of a Karen Kingsbury book of the same name, I’m happy to not classify this as a “Christian” film, because that title holds so much legitimate (and illegitimate) baggage.  What the film presents is a powerful story that is both edgy and thoughtful, yet poignant and powerful.  With themes like the cost of our poor choices and finding a road to forgiveness, redemption, and restoration, I believe those solidly in the Christian camp will embrace it and enjoy it.

An array of rich emotions are displayed through powerful performances by Barry Pepper (one of my favorite actors), Mira Sorvino, Cole Hauser, and young Maxwell Perry Cotton, who we’ll be seeing more of in the future, as he is a promising talent.

Don’t just take my word for it.  Watch the Like Dandelion Dust Trailer, and then make it a point to find a theater near you where it is showing.

It is scheduled for limited release today in some major cities, and will debut next weekend, October 1, in Los Angeles.  To ensure it makes it to a theater near you, go to the Facebook page ( and click the link to  “Join.” Then visit the official movie site ( and click the DEMAND IT tab.

You can also keep up with the movie and its happenings via Twitter:

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16 03 2010

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I’m all over the galaxy this morning, with a potpourri of stuff whizzing by my planet like asteroids.  While I’m no less prolific, the death of my working laptop has rendered me limited.  When part of your livelihood requires you being online, its not a good thing; but I continue to revolve…

Did you know Southern California had yet another earthquake earlier today?  Funny thing is, I woke up at 3:30 a.m., looked at the clock, and wondered, “what the h@%&?”  Then rolled over and went back to sleep.  The actual 4.4 quake hit about 4:04 am, while I was back in the land of restful slumbers.  Epicentered in Pico Rivera, which is about 11 miles from downtown Los Angeles, it was felt as far as San Diego, which experienced its own 4 pointer on Saturday.  While no major damage was reported, Kate Hutton, our favorite seismologist at Caltech, says there is a 5% change that this is a “foreshock” to the Big One.  The joys of living in a fault zone.  4.4 earthquake awakens Southern California….

I swear, the Brits have better news these days.  From the Beebs (BBC), ABBA has been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame–way cool!  ABBA is one of my favorite bands, and I was so happy that Muriel’s Wedding and Mamma Mia gave them a revival.  Well deserved. ABBA receives Hall of Fame honour.

The boys at Hillbuzz turned me on to this article in by Shikha Dalmia in Forbes: Wrong Bill at the Wrong Time.  While the boys have their favorite pull quote from the article, mine happens to be:

“Even before President Obama rammed through his trillion-dollar-plus stimulus/bailout packages last year, there was a growing sentiment that the country’s top priority ought to be tackling the entitlement programs whose liabilities are like a swelling aneurysm in the brain of the body politic waiting to rupture.”

Worth the read.  We are experiencing massive fraud, deceit and wholesale hijacking of the Constitution, all for this bill.  An aneurysm waiting to rupture is an apt description.

Illustrating Absurdity…

24 02 2010

The Guvenator and former President Bubba are joining forces today to combat the great plague of our time: Obesity.

Illustrating Absurdity

Chicken crossing by Peter Griffin

From the Los Angeles Times article:

“The governor, a former bodybuilder who has long advocated healthy living and exercise, will join with health professionals, educators and others to discuss ways California can combat obesity and promote physical fitness.”

So an inept tax-and-spend Governor who has run California into the ground is joining forces with an ex-President whose libido and lies almost cost him the Presidency to talk about “action that can be done to promote a healthier California for all.”  This is a matter high on the list of priorities for most Californians–right up there with unemployment and job creation.  This is why food pantries from Los Angeles to Long Beach are daily running out of stock, and homeless dinner programs are ballooning with non-homeless men, women, and children who just need a free meal.

Will the last common-sense elected official to leave please turn the lights out?

LA Obesity summit will feature Schwarzennegger and Clinton.

In My Orbit…

15 02 2010

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Lindsay Lohan and Jesus Christ.  Sound like an improbable combination?  On my Examiner page, I talk about how the twain have met and what it means for Hollywood: Jesus and Hollywood: not so mutually exclusive.

Connecting Voices has published “Desperate Time Call for Different Measures” an article I wrote about Tuesdays with Transitioners and CareerCampLA–give it read…

And if you are a part of the Los Angeles community, The Valley Rescue Mission is having a rummage sale this Saturday, March 20 at the First Presbyterian Church of Granada Hills at 10400 Zelzah Avenue in  Northridge.   This is the first of three fundraisers to generate money and awareness of the Mission’s work in feeding, clothing and housing the San Fernando Valley‘s homeless population.

Donations and Volunteers are gladly accepted!  You can drop off donations at Granada Hills Presbyterian on Friday, February 19, after 5:00 p.m.  Volunteers are needed to set up Friday evening and to help out on Saturday.

If you’d like to participate, contact Gye Di Capua, Volunteer Coordinator at

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