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30 04 2021

Well, the blog has been neglected for a bit as The Girl laid down her footprint in other places. One of those places is, where I have become a regular contributor. I am blessed to be part of a significant conservative platform that manages to hold on to its unique brand. That is part and parcel due to the gifted writers who contribute, and I’ve had great fun working alongside them, as well as participating in several VIP chats!

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Here are the Friday highlights on some pieces you might have missed:

Local Yokels

Between the activist Los Angeles District Attorney and our activist Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, people are literally dying. This blood is on the hands of LA BOS, who chose to stop enforcing the full parole on an elderly murderer. As soon as his parole ended, sadly, he found a new victim.

Los Angeles Elderly Paroled Murderer Accused of Killing Again After Release

The State of the State

The good news: The Gavin Newsom Recall organizers had 1.6 million signatures officially certified by the Secretary of State, which means we qualify for an election. Now the hard part begins: first, combatting the big monied interest and Democrat Party that wants to keep Newsom’s political future alive. From the billionaire owners of the Wonderful Company:


To the California Democrat Party using their coffers to push more funds in Gavin’s direction:

WHO FUNDS THE GAVIN RECALL DENIERS: What’s up With the CA Democrat Party Coffers?

To the California Association of Realtors, and some elite Real Estate barons seeding dark money to save His Hairfulness:

WHO FUNDS THE GAVIN RECALL DENIERS: CA Association of Realtors, George Marcus, and Nicholas Pritzker

Then there are the candidates, which I’ll cover in more detail on another day. Suffice to say that Caitlynn Jenner is dead on arrival. The only people interested in making her look like a viable candidate are The Democrat Party and Conservative, Inc.

Don’t be fooled, people. Nothing to see here… move along.

Regional Flavor

In the “Truth is Stranger than Fiction” file is this story from North Carolina. A middle-school coach chose to take a walk on the wild side with a drug cartel. Suffice to say, it ended badly.

Beloved NC Basketball Coach Dies in Shootout with the Sinaloa Drug Cartel

National Nightmares and other things to keep you up at night

President Dementia Joe actually made it for over an hour to deliver the State of the Union address, and I managed to stay awake. I am so glad I did, because the Republican Rebuttal brought by South Carolina Senator Tim Scott was everything.

SC Sen. Tim Scott’s State of the Union Rebuttal Expresses Gravity Rimmed With Optimism

And for further digestion (or indigestion), the United States Secretary of Labor, who is just a Big Labor plant to see their agenda done, came out for the PRO Act and against Independent Professionals. I beg you, distribute this one far and wide, flood his office, and your Senator’s office with phone calls, emails, and texts. Demand they vote “No” on the PRO Act. Whether you are an independent contractor or not, your livelihood will depend upon it.

US Secy. of Labor Marty Walsh Is a Liar, Doing Biden’s and Big Labor’s Bidding

That’s all that’s In My Orbit! See on the next revolution.

AB5 and the State of the State

26 02 2020

So our idiot Governor Gavin Newsom delivered his second State of the State address last week. All the elected crooks were in session, including the useless Attorney General Javier Beccerra, whose only job seems to be to sue the federal government, and Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis fulfilling one of her minimal duties of introducing the Governor’s address.

If California was not in such awful shape, it would have been comedy gold: much of it looked like a Saturday Night Live sketch, with Newsom entering like a rock star, while assembly members, state senators, and others clapped like trained seals, and Botox Barbie “first partner” Jennifer Siebel Newsom being fawned over. His hollow inflation of how well California is doing was fairly nauseating. It is like someone strutting, thinking they are runway fabulous, but their hairy ass is exposed.

For those in California, I recommend you view the whole thing and see how many lies you can catch. His spending three-quarters of his speech on how he will attack the homeless crisis in the state is particularly disingenuous. Newsom has been collectively shamed by President Trump and a few of the mayors of the larger cities where homelessness is rampant and destroying the quality of life for tax-paying residents. Total strangers like activist Scott Presler have gone into San Francisco to clean up the poop- and needle-laden streets. But Newsom’s attempt to slap a “rah-rah” face on the crisis comes off as castles in the air postulating. While he rattled off many declarations and ideas, he gave no solid plans toward their implementation.

He tweeted part of his brilliant strategy on Twitter:

Gavin Stupid 1

So doctors are now realtors? So I can go to my doctor and say, “I want to live in the Governor’s mansion—write me a prescription please!” Ludicrous. He was rightly ratioed by many us:

Gavin Newsom Ratio 1Gavin Newsom Ratio 2Gavin Newsom Ratio 3Gavin Newsom Ratio 5

The last ratio points to Governor Newsom signing AB5 into law, which got nary a mention in his speech. He did make this baldfaced claim:

“In city after city, household after household, the hard work of this legislature is making dreams more real for more Californians than ever before.

“When Justice Brandeis wrote in 1932 that ‘a single courageous state may…serve as a laboratory’ of democracy, he could easily have been referencing California today.

“Because, unlike the Washington plutocracy, California isn’t satisfied serving a powerful few on one side of the velvet rope.

The California Dream is for all.” (emphasis mine)

Are you kidding me?! Over 160 professions ripped apart due to the effects of AB5. For thousands of California constituents, the California Dream became the California Nightmare overnight. But let’s talk about how we are going to solve homelessness in the state, when Newsom’s signing of this landmine of a law has done more toward exacerbating the crisis! I joined in the ratio myself by pointing this out:

Gavin Newsom Ratio-my reply

The total lack of self-awareness boggles the mind. But like Assembly speaker Harridan Lorena, they do what their union overlords tell them to do and they refuse to back down or apologize. The only thing either of them will understand is being voted out. I and others are working on that part.

Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley has authored a repeal bill to AB5: AB1928. It has wended its way through committee and will come up for vote on February 27. With the same Democrat Super Majority who voted it into place, it’s a long shot. But I appreciate that some of his colleagues, like Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, have signed on to Asm. Kiley’s effort to see AB5 stopped in its tracks.


State Senator Shannon Grove has also instituted bill SB875 to see the AB5 repealed.


Should these efforts be blocked or fail, it is clear we the people of California need to vote these bastards out. One-party rule by union fiat is neither protection nor is it healthy for a functioning state. It is a fiefdom, and none of us signed up for that.

Recall Newsom efforts are still underway, despite the blocking by secretaries of states who are fearful of losing their little corner of power. Early voting has already started, and Super Tuesday is March 3. Californians, please stop voting party lines and union lines, and vote for saving freedom to earn a livelihood in the way you see fit, and an electorate that works for you.

The true State of the State is dependent on you; not the empty-headed Ken doll in the governor’s mansion.

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