June Elizabeth Long, 1958-2008

14 03 2009

“I answer the heroic question ‘Death, where is they sting?’ with ‘It is here in my heart and mind and memories.'”
Maya Angelou

The Life of June

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”
Richard Bach

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to 2007!

8 01 2008

Or as Sinatra would sing, “It was a very good year…”

No excuse for slacking on the Blog, but somewhere between December of 2006 and December 2007, life became incredibly eventful! Call it “A Series of Fortunate Events,” if you’d like, but in totality, it has left me awed and amazed.

After my X-Terra came through in November of 2006, I felt as though I should acquire a personalized license plate. I had never been interested in doing this before, especially since I am a female in Los Angeles, and it could be one more thing that makes me a target. However, the impression was strong, so I played around with a few statements that would reflect my new driving life. “New Beginning” seemed apropos, so I went on the DMV website and played around with how to achieve a combination of letters that no one else had chosen and still have it fit into the DMV’s designated space parameters. No easy task, but I came up with a winner, filled in the appropriate DMV form, and along with my check, sent it off.

Little did I know that this statement would come to represent more than just a vehicle.

By May of 2007, I was engaged to be married, and with my fiancee, purchased a home. In those dog days of Summer that comprise June, July and August, we packed, planned our wedding, moved into that new home, and then tied the knot!

My life had been permanently altered within an eight-month stretch! New Beginning Indeed!

It has taken awhile for my head to stop spinning–thank goodness it didn’t show up in the wedding pictures!

The Boyfriend

26 05 2006

It’s amazing what happens when a dateless wonder such as myself gets a boyfriend. It’s as if the heavens have rent and Jesus Christ himself has parted the sky. Friends and family react with awe, wonder, then scream and run for cover… you know, stuff like that.

“Friends” who have ignored my emails or rejected my initiations to get together for lunch, dinner, whatever, somehow heard it through the grapevine (or my blast emails, who knows) that I’m seeing someone, and all of a sudden, they want to meet him. Since I wrote these people off my list after their second or third brush off, they’ll either meet him by accident, or when hell freezes over—whichever comes first.

Friends who have been around, but have been sucked into that black hole called “marriage, kids and family,” suddenly emerge again and want to invite us over for dinner, or get together for a double date! Go figure.

All kidding aside, this new relationship is quite an adventure. I’ve spent close to 20 years being with no one, and now I’m suddenly a part of someone’s life, and that someone is a part of mine. And my friends and family think he’s the second coming—or at least a close equivalent.

So for those who didn’t read my intro blog, let me officially introduce this Wonder of My World.

His name is Lynn, and we have been dating for 10 months now… Ten months—that’s longer than some of my living situations! We met through a dating service called Together. After years of trying the online thing, I was inspired by my friend, Chandra Years, who signed up with a service called Just Lunch, and six months later, was engaged. If someone as classy as Chandra could do it, then so could I!

Yes, I’m not ashamed to say I paid money for the experience, and No, he’s never worked for Chippendales. He’s been a telecommunications and field engineer for most of his working life, and before that, he was in high school.

We first met in August 2005, two days after my birthday, but had started talking before then. The way Together works is you go to a four-hour interview and a matchmaker takes your stats: when you were born, what your goals are in life, whether you’ve done drugs or murdered anyone, the usual questions. Then they take your information and do a match with another member’s information, comparing your preferences, likes and dislikes. When they find a close match, they call you and give you a brief 411 on this match, and ask if you’d like to be sent an invitation. You have the option of declining, or accepting, depending on the type of service you chose. My service included six matches, so I couldn’t be too picky. Lynn was my first match, so I said yes, was sent a profile in the mail with his contact information (they are very old school), and we took it from there.

I first contacted him on the phone, but he was away in San Luis Obispo for the weekend with his family. He said he would phone me when he arrived back in Los Angeles, but I didn’t hear from him. Chalking it up to a typical male, I expected that I’d never hear from him, and decided to wait for the next introduction match up. Lo and behold, later that week, my niece Gabi said he had called, but didn’t want to leave a message, stating he’d try to catch me later that day. I couldn’t wait for later in the day, so I called him. We chatted briefly, and arranged to speak that night. An appointment he kept… and we’ve been keeping them ever since.

After 20 plus years of perpetual singles groups and non-dating experiences, i.e., the whole Christian “date in groups” thing, I simply made a choice between two evils: be the old lady with the two dogs (I don’t do cats—allergic), or get myself out of the usual environment and risk more rejection. Since I haven’t been able to acquire the dogs yet, I decided the second option was the best bet.

I had no expectations of a permanent relationship through the experience. I feel like I wasted a multitude of energy toward finding The One, and decided to open up to someone with whom I was compatible and wanted to spend some quality time. Funny, he turned out to be The One after all.

The relationship is still new, so you’ll be hearing more, As The Girl Turns

Long Time Comin’…

13 05 2006

This is something I’ve wanted to start for quite some time, but I had other pressing things on my plate, like editing my memoir and work concerns. But, things have calmed down a bit, and I think now is the time.

I will begin with a not-so-brief introduction of who I am and what I am about.

Passion and Focus

I am a writer, artist and musician, and I have been working toward making it a living for over 20 years now.

I have written numerous songs, which I am slowly getting charted and recorded–it’s an expensive and time consuming process, and since the book writing has taken precedence over the years, not something I spend a great amount of time working at. I do keep my vocal chops refined with bi-weekly lessons, and I recently took up piano again with a wonderful lady named Natalie Ross (www.rosspianostudio.com).

The vocal lessons have done wonders to build my confidence, assisted me in regaining a part of myself that had been pretty much decimated, and it has served in strengthening my true voice. So whether or not my music and singing voice are ever heard by the world is irrelevant; the time and money spent has been worth it, and will only continue to serve my writing in whatever form.

My current writing project is a memoir, and I am searching for a literary agent.  Wish me luck!


I adore my friends, and they adore me. I have a varied and unique group of people with whom I surround myself. From bleeding-heart liberals, to right-wing Patriots, to pious and devout born-again Christians, to those who hold no religious affiliation whatsoever. You’ll probably be hearing about them in the midst of this blogging adventure.

And finally, the three people I adore the most are my sister June, my niece Gabi, and my boyfriend, Lynn. They will also be consistent topics of conversation, because in my universe, they all hung the moon! Although I think they did it in shifts. Hmmm.

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